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First founded in 1989, Excalibur manufactured side steps for the South African automotive market. The company grew to become a recognizable brand and favored among leading automotive manufactures, for the company's ability to deliver quality assured OEM accessories. Excalibur South Africa was contracted to Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and General Motors, winning the 1996 supplier of the year award. 

Excalibur South Africa was sold in 2002, and re-established itself in Canada in 2005. The company continues to manufacture automotive accessories and currently supplies to Canada's leading wholesaler Grandwest Enterprises. 

Now established in Austin, Texas. Excalibur's 41 000 sq/ft facility is the new home to the companies continual research, development and manufacturing operations.   

Innovations & Products include:

  • Automotive accessories

  • Hydraulic self-lifting containers

  • Mobile event platform rentals 

  • Automotive software development

  • Hydrogen generation technology 

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